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Get the Best BiLingual Workers

Bilingual Jobseekers

When you register as a bilingual job seeker, you create a profile that includes your job experience, education, certifications and more ... plus you have the option to include your resume (pdf).

Upon successful registration, you can return to view posted jobs in our jobs area and submit your information directly to the Employer. 

Some jobs are contract offers and require you to submit a proposal. Follow the instructions in the Request for Proposal and submit your document directly to the employer. Remember to be as accurate, complete and competitive as possible when bidding on new bilingual job assignments.

Registration is FREE and you can bid on as many jobs as you want. Good luck!

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These are some of the features we hope to be introducing in the near future:

  • Online discussion groups
  • Mentor and “buddy” teams
  • Networking parties and topic socials
  • Access to both local and travel assignments in job markets.
  • Info on the latest professional aids, courses and equipment, with discounts on purchases
  • Savings, credit and investment plans for long-term members
  • Discounts for clothing, gyms, travel, etc.
  • Develop administrative and entrepreneurial skills with greater control over your career.
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Get ready for our new focus in the Film Industry