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Get the Best BiLingual Workers


For Job Seekers

Bilingual Employees is gearing up to begin a new focus on Bilingual Film Jobs.

We are expanding our bilingual job opportunities for the Global Film Industry. The growth of the film, television and digital media industries means more interaction with more cultures around the world.

Register Now! so that you may be considered by film producers, film directors, film distributors, film schools, film festivals and other types of production companies.

For Employers

We want to give you the bilingual edge when it comes to selecting the right candidate for your media project.

Our database of registered job seekers can help you find the right person to communicate to your target audience. If you have a film production company, our candidates can help you find and develop local talent who speak other languages - whether this talent be in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

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Now you can take your production - or your finished project - on the road and showcase your work in other countries.

For Bilingual Employees

Our service provides real benefits to bilingual language professionals. We want to show you the best jobs that can maximize your foreign language skills.

Our goal is to be the Gold Standard of Bilingual Employees, including foreign language interpreters and translators.

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Get ready for our new focus in the Film Industry