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Get the Best BiLingual Workers


Focusing on the Career Areas of Finance, Health Care, Film, Technology, Style and Leadership in Society, we seek to bring you the best Bilingual Employees so your company can enjoy the Bilingual Edge in this ever changing global marketplace.

For Employers

When business and political leaders from around the world talk to each other, they know the importance of communicating clearly. Misunderstanding can be disastrous - and this is as true in your local school or at a hospital emergency room.

Protect and serve your clients with the best bilingual professionals available today. Post you Job Opportunity today and start giving your business the Bilingual Edge.

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For Bilingual Employees

Our service provides real benefits to bilingual language professionals. We want to show you the best jobs that can maximize your foreign language skills.

Naturally, our success depends on attracting the Cream of the Crop: YOU.

Our goal is to be the Gold Standard of Bilingual Employees, including foreign language interpreters and translators.

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Get ready for our new focus in the Film Industry